This Christmas, surprise your family and friends with a luxury Christmas hamper for a more personal, and enjoyable gift! At Farmer Jack’s we are ready to help you assemble the perfect one in just three steps: choose your hamper, select your favourite items (following personal preferences), then ask a member of our staff to wrap it up for you!

Why should you prefer a Christmas hamper to any other gift?

  1. They satisfy even the hardest to buy for and you can personalise them!
  2. It’s a present for the whole family (remember to add some chocolate coins, candy canes or biscuits for the kids).
  3. It’s beautifully presented and wrapped up in the shop for you, ready to be delivered!
  4. You can stick to your budget.
  5. It’s a practical gift…no one will ever waste good food. Remember “The way to people heart is through their stomach!”.
  6. You can choose unique quality products to add.
  7. They can reuse the box once it’s empty.
  8. There’s loadsĀ of presents in one.
  9. It’s a great corporate gift!
  10. You can order it in advance and have it ready for whenever you need it!

What to add to your Christmas hamper?

Cheese, Chutney and Crackers: the ideal hamper needs a selection of a few different cheeses to create a cheese board. You can include a different variety of textures, colours and flavours. Of course, if you are having cheese you should include a chutney too. At Farmer Jack’s we have a great selection to go with different cheeses! The same applies to crackers: you can keep it simple and choose some plain ones, or being a little daring and consider chive, rosemary or chilli flavoured crackers.

Tea, Chocolate, Booze: tea is an easy win in a Christmas hamper. Try Teapigs for a range of unique flavours or some English Teashop varieties! Chocolate is a must to include for those with a sweet tooth. Browse Farmer Jack’s choices for a more artisan option. Knowing your recipient’s favourite booze will make this gift extra special. If they like gin, for example, look for something different like Chase Gin that comes in different flavours or the locally hand-crafted Mermaid Gin. If you are not sure about booze preferences then stick to a classic bottle of wine you can pair to the cheese in the hamper.

Recipient Favourites: sticking to your budget you can try to please your recipient including foods he/she loves: a jar of olives, some cured-meat for meat lovers, a selection of local produce from the Island or the ingredients to make their favourite dish!