There’s something rather special about the end of Summer. It brings promise of golden leaves, bracing walks, log fires and cosy blankets. And as the nights draw in and the air becomes brisker, but the sun still beats down, our Sweetcorn is at its most delicious.  


What could be better than butter running down your fingers as you enjoy a grilled sweetcorn cob in the last of the Summer sun?  It’s sweet, versatile, tasty and almost impossible to cook badly – so grab some cobs and get cooking! 


Sweetcorn goes with almost every meat, but buttered sweetcorn with roast pork is a firm favourite of ours. Cut a whole cob into thick ‘rings’ and serve as a side dish, or boil the cob and slice off the cooked kernels.  A knob of butter, and a pinch of salt and pepper and you’ll have the ideal accompaniment to your late Summer Sunday roast.