You can give egg carton another life by reusing them in these resourceful ways.

  1. Grow seedlings in egg cartons.
  2. Give them to your chicken-owning friends.
  3. Use egg cartons as paint cups (especially if kids are painting!).
  4. They are great to organise small stuff in drawers: use them to store jewellery, beads, office supplies, buttons, craft supplies, nuts/bolts, nail polishes, kids socks and more.
  5. Use them for craft projects.
  6. They are a perfect storage for your glass Christmas ornaments.
  7. Make an egg carton bird feeder for your garden.
  8. Ship cheaply: being stiff but lightweight makes egg cartons excellent replacements for Styrofoam packing peanuts.
  9. Plastic egg cartons make great ice cube trays, as the ice doesn’t stick and what better way to reuse them. Just make sure to thoroughly wash out each tray before making ice in it. Alternatively, use this ice in buckets for cooling cans and bottles.
  10. Love music, either listening to it loudly or playing it? Use egg cartons to insulate your walls and make your neighbours happy!