It is so easy to end up with a messy refrigerator and especially this time of the year, we really need space in our dear cold box in the kitchen. What is the best way to store produce, avoid waste and chaos in your fridge?

Here are some tips to help you reach this goal:

  1. Store meat and fish on the fridge’s lowest shelf. If meat package is leaking it won’t drip down to the other shelves. Ideally place your meat/fish on a plate to catch any juice.
  2. Put an empty egg carton bottom on one of your fridge’s door shelves. It is very handy to hold upside-down condiment bottles to use every last drop from each bottle and keep the bottles from toppling over every time you open the door.
  3. Invest in a few organisers (like a can organiser) and always prefer stackable clear plastic or glass containers to easily spot things. To save space, it can be easier to store leftovers in zip-top bags. This way you can also write down the date when you made the food.
  4. Rearrange the layout of your fridge, moving shelves up or down (the doors ones too), especially when you need to store tall bottles or jars.
  5. Try to keep your leftovers always on the same shelf. This way you won’t find old food at the back of the fridge hidden by containers.
  6. Set up an “eat first” tray where you can store food that will go bad soon.
  7. Add a snack tray, easy to access for your kids too.
  8. Get rid of condiments that have been in your fridge for ages and you can clearly live without.
  9. Get some magnetic containers (DIY option: just glue some magnets on plastic containers) they are very useful to store small things like herbs or chopped garlic/onion. Attach them on the wall inside your fridge to free up shelf space.
  10. Don’t use your drawers to store cans and beer bottles. Drawers in your fridge are  made to store your fruit and veggies and to keep them fresh for longer. Line them with kitchen paper, it helps to absorb moisture from the produce to keep them crisp. Also, it will keep the drawers clean for longer.
  11. To get your daily dose of fruit and vegetables, maximise your crisper space. Do this by keeping your fruit loose and trimming any bulky veggies in advance. A quick trim of your celery stalks and broccoli can help carve out so much extra space.
  12. Don’t store milk or cream on the fridge’s door: it is the warmest spot in your fridge. Instead, use this space for butter and soft cheeses, they don’t need very low temperature.
  13. Some fruit and veggies like avocados, bananas, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums and tomatoes are better off outside the fridge or they’ll spoil your vegetables prematurely.
  14. keep a magnetic white board and marker outside on the fridge wall to keep an inventory of your food.
  15. Clean and thaw your fridge regularly to avoid ice build up. Spray the fridge with a mixture of vinegar and water, especially the gunky spots. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes. Gunk and vinegar need alone time before they start working.

Keep your fridge odour free by storing food in airtight containers and using one of the following natural ingredient to get rid of smells:

  • a bowl of dry, fresh, ground coffee on the bottom of your fridge;
  • a small bowl of baking soda at the back of the fridge (change every 3 months);
  • soak balls of cotton wool in Vanilla extract and leave inside the fridge for a delicious scent;
  • place half a lemon face down inside your fridge for a few days. It will soak up any bad smells replacing them with a fresh lemon scent!

Have fun reorganising your fridge, Farmer Jacks’ staff wish you a tidy fridge and lots of space to store your Christmas food!