How to choose and store sweetcorn?

When shopping for corn, look for bright green husks, tightly wrapped around cobs that are firm and plump when gently squeezed. Avoid husks with small brown holes, a sign of insects. The bottom stalk-end of the corn should be pale; brown bottoms are likely several days old and not as fresh. The tuft of corn silks at the top should be light brown or gold; skip the black or mushy tassels. And FYI: you don’t need to pull back the husk to check out the kernels inside. Exposing the corn to air causes it to dry out, shortening its shelf life.

Once you’ve got the corn home, keep it at room temperature if you plan to eat it that day. For longer term, keep the corn from drying out by tightly wrap the cobs in a plastic bag and refrigerating for up to 3 days. If you need to store it any longer than that, blanch the corn immediately after purchasing, then freeze it.

How to use bare corn cobs?

  1. To smoke meat: you don’t only have to smoke meat with wood chips. You can replace wood chips with leftover corn cobs. Completely dry the cobs out in a low oven, then use them as a replacement for wood chips. Naked cobs are placed over the charcoal and give meat a sweet but mellow smoky flavour.
  2. To scrub a pot: yes, you read that right! You can use bare corn cobs as a scrubber for any pots or pans that need a good cleaning. Just dry out the naked cobs in a low oven until they harden and scrub away. It’s safe on cookware and is so much better than a smelly sponge!