Old jars: in the garden, old Four Seasons Jars can hold plants, serve as seed starters or be used to organise smaller tools.

Old cans: you can use your old coffee/tomato cans to grow some of your plants and vegetables in, you can take the label off and decorate the bare can if you like. Just remember to make some holes at the bottom for drainage.

Wooden spoons: you can repurpose the old ones to serve as markers in your garden patch. You can write on  them with paint or markers.

Old/broken chairs: you can turn them into plant shelves or even planters taking out the seat and replacing it with chicken wire to form a basket.

Wheelbarrow: a rusty wheelbarrow can add some character to your garden as a planter or even just a holder for tools, seed or soil.

Old/rusty bird cage: turn an old birdcage into a lovely planter or, into the perfect bird feeder by leaving it open.

Wine crates: if you don’t have much space, old wine crates are perfect for separating different kinds of vegetables that you may be growing.

Cupcake pans: line each cup before adding soil and seeds to use as a seed starter.

Old lamp base: use the base of an old lamp as the base of a birdbath by gluing a large plate or dish on top. You can also use it as a base for displaying and elevating your plant pots.

Old plastic rubbish bin: use it make your own compost or convert it into a rain barrel with a spout attached for use.

Colanders: they are perfect as planters, particularly because of the drainage their holes provide. You can also turn them into flower pots and tie ropes or chains to them for hanging.

Old gardening tools: there’s no need to waste old and rusted gardening tools by throwing them out. Repurpose them instead by turning them into creative decor, such as using a rake to hang planters from or making planters out of old watering cans.

Teapots: repurpose an old teapot by using it as a watering can, turning it into a cute pot or even hanging it on its side as a bird feeder.

Pallets: with their lovely rustic vibe, pallets are one of the easiest items to convert into planters for your flowers. Alternatively you can use them to built garden furniture.

Tires: you can use old tires in your garden as big planters or hang them up from a tree as a swing. You can paint them in bright colours to make them more fun! Another idea is to take two tires, paint them, stuck them up  and put a glass top on to have an original outdoor coffee table.

Shower caddy: when rusted out they can be used as vertical planters!

Old tire rims: pained and hung to the wall can be turned into garden hose holder.

Tree stumps: instead of removing them, a tall stump can be used as a flower pot stand or as a flower pot itself.