Who doesn’t want to walk in the house and smell a fresh, pleasant  fragrance? 

Sometimes the air in the house gets stale or we can still smell the dinner from the night before. The ideal scent for the house should’t be too strong and overpowering. It should be barely noticeable but enjoyable.

Of course you can buy all sorts of scented candles or air fresheners  but the most natural and economic way is to make one yourself choosing your favourite ingredients you can easily find around the house. Citrus, spices, herbs, pine twigs or extracts are the ingredients you can use to customise your air freshener.

Scent ideas:

  • Oranges, cinnamon & cloves
  • Lemon, rosemary & vanilla
  • Lime, thyme, mint & vanilla extract
  • Orange, ginger & almond extract
  • Pine twigs, bay leaves & nutmeg


Combine the ingredients in a paint jar or in a pan on the stove top. Cover them with water and turn to medium heat.

On the Stove Top: combine the ingredient as described above, bring them to a boil and then lower the heat to simmer. Keep an eye on the water level to avoid burning the ingredients.

Uncovered Slow Cooker: combine the ingredients as mentioned above and  set the cooker on low heat. If you are concerned about letting it run dry you can set the timer on the slow cooker so that automatically shuts off at the desired time. To speed the process you can microwave the mixture before (about 2 minutes) to give a jump start on releasing the scent.

Fondue Pot: this will work as a portable scent station, easy to use in any room you want. Get the scent mixture boiling hot before pouring it in the fondue pot. If the fondue pot works with a tea light, it will last for about 4 hours releasing a subtle scent you can smell in a small room.

Mug Warmer: this method will only keep the mixture warm so, be sure to heat the mixture before placing on the mug warmer.

Tea Pot Warmer: if it uses a tea light, it will last as long as the tea light burn but it can get hotter than a mug warmer, releasing more scent.

As water evaporates from these warming bowls, top them off with hot water so that they don’t lower the temperature of the scented water. You can prepare these scented jars 1 week in advance and store them in the fridge. Alternatively  you can freeze them  (in freezer safe jars) with or without  the water added. You can reuse the same mixture, at least twice, adding fresh water.

These scenes can be made with orange peels, leftover ginger, juiced lemons and limes, expired fruit juices, extracts and spices.

Have fun experimenting new fragrances to make your house smell delicious!