Ideal for when you’re entertaining friends or as a light supper, a simple cheeseboard can finish off a meal superbly, or be a feast in its own right. 


The perfect cheeseboard should be simple yet tasty, with a selection of textures and flavours for variety. A guideline would be to choose one cheese from each of the following five cheese groups:

Soft cheese: Isle of Wight Soft, Stinking Bishop, Camembert, Brie de Meaux
Hard cheese: Cheddar, Isle of Wight Galleybagger, Sussex Charmer, Parmegiano Reggiano, Manchego
Blue cheese: Isle of Wight Blue, Cornish Blue, Blue Vinny, Blue Stilton, Cambazola   

Medium-soft cheese: Edam, Port Salut, Taleggio
Goat or sheep cheese 


As a general rule of thumb, your cheeseboard should complement your main course. So, if you’ve served up a rich meal, such as venison, strong cheeses will work well for afters. If your main course has more subtle flavours, follow it with milder cheeses. 


A few of our top tips for the perfect cheeseboard: 


  • Keep cheese wrapped in wax paper and stored at the bottom of the fridge or in a cool, dry place. 
  • Cheese should be served at room temperature – so if your cheese has been stored in the fridge, take it out at least half an hour before serving.  
  • Serve with a selection of our savoury biscuits or crusty bread and a bunch of delicious grapes to compliment.  
  • To create a real feast, a selection of olives and antipasti can also work perfectly with cheese. 
  • Select your accompanying wine with care – a bordeaux is perfect with peppery or garlic infused cheeses, while sweet whites work wonderfully with milder flavours. 


For help with creating your perfect cheeseboard, pop into the shop, where our friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice.