Any celebration calls for a good cake and of course, a cake made out of cheese too! Cheese wheel celebration cakes are getting more and more popular. From a creamy brie to a punchy blue or a smokey cheddar, cheese can add a classy touch to your banquet!

Beautifully decorated with flowers, fresh fruit like grapes and figs or colourful berries, cheese celebration cakes are the perfect alternative to traditional cakes or desserts in general.

Christmas is the right occasions to treat yourself, your family and friends to a delicious cheese wheel cake.

Here are some tips to make this experience even more enjoyable:

  1. Pre-test all the cheeses in your cake.
  2. Add a bit of colour to the cake for an extra special effect, choosing cheeses with different colours but also adding different fresh fruits.
  3. Try to select a range of different cheese styles (at least a blue, a hard and a soft one) and texture. Add a creamy goat cheese, a crumbly Wensleydale and an hard one too (usually the most popular ones).
  4. You don’t have to have a big cake, you can easily have a quirky smaller one choosing two or three small cheeses for example a Camembert topped with an individual goat cheese.
  5. Always serve your cheese at room temperature, taking it out the fridge two hours before you cut it.
  6. For a main celebration cake (like weddings) you would need 70g-100g cheese per person but portions change if it’s a fancy substitute to the classic cheese board at the end of your special dinner.
  7. Order your cheese celebration cake in advance to make sure the cheese you want is available and perfectly ripe on the day.

Visit us at the shop, Mel and Emma will help you choose the perfect cheese combination!