The Perfect Cheeseboard

11 Aug 2013

Category: Recipes

The perfect Cheeseboard should be simple yet tasty, and a guidline would be to choose one cheese from each of the following five cheese groups: one soft, squidgy cheese (Isle of Wight Soft, Stinking Bishop, Camembert, Brie de Meaux for example), one hard cheese (unpasteurised Cheddar, Isle of Wight Galleybagger, Sussex Charmer, Parmefiano Reggiano, Manchego), one blue cheese (Isle of Wight Blue, Cornish Blue, Blue Vinny, Blue Stilton, Cambazola), one medium-soft (Edam, Port Salut, Taleggio) and one goats' cheese (Rosary).

A great tasting local Cheeseboard would be:  Isle of Wight Blue, Sussex Charmer, Wigmore, Rosary ash-rolled goats' cheese and Isle of Wight Gallybagger.

Serve with a selection of our savoury biscuits or crusty bread and a bunch of delicious grapes to compliment.  PERFECT!

And for something completely diffferent, we also offer our popular 'Cheese Wedding Cakes' that can be designed to your own individual tastes.  WOW... that is good.