Special Offers!

24 Mar 2011


This week's special offers:

Dunsbury lamb chops £9.50/kg

Just simply grill them with a sprig of rosemary and knob of butter and serve with crushed new potatoes and spring greens

Kemphill Farm beef burgers (6oz) 98p each

Probably the best burgers you have eaten - we think so!

Island pork loin stuffed with sage and red onion sausagemeat £8.77/kg

Its your Sunday lunch ready to cook - just bung it in a hot oven for 30 minutes, then turn down the heat to 180C (Gas 4) and cook for 20 minutes per 500g or until the juices run clear when pricked.

Kemphill Farm beef stir fry mix £11.98/kg

Marinaded in a spicy piri-piri style sauce with fresh onions and peppers.  Ready to stir in a hot pan and serve with rice or noodles

Our own sausages £5.60/kg

Try flavours including: pork and mustard, pork and chive, pork rosemary and cranberry, pork and cracked black pepper and hot spicy Spanish-style