Pumpkin Day Saturday 29 October

24 Oct 2011

Category: seasonal specials

Join the fun at the annual Pumpkin Weigh-in on Saturday 29 October from noon.  Bring your pumpkins and see if you can beat the farmer!

We gave out free pumpkin seeds during the spring, so hopefully you've been watering and cosseting your plants and now have a whopper slowly drying in the shed.   The world pumpkin record is 129 stone (!!) but if yours isn't quite that big, and you don't have a forklift truck to bring it in, then there are prizes for the prettiest pumpkin too.  

If you haven't been green-fingered, come along anyway as there will be lots of spooky Halloween fun, pumpkin carving and pumpkin soup.  The butcher has been trying out lots of tasty sausage recipes using pumpkin, and of course we have squashes and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes for cooking and carving.

When: Saturday 29 October from noon

Where: Farmer Jack's Farm Shop