Making the Most of Veggies

27 Dec 2012

Category: recipes

Vegetables don't have to be boiled to death, or even a sideshow for a piece of meat.  With a little imagination, veggies can be the main event!

Zest it Up

Sprinkle finely grated clementine zest over your roast vegetables for their last 10 minutes of cooking, and the tangy zest will cut through any oiliness and the sweet flavour will enhance vegetables like carrots and parsnips.

Sprouts are Grate (!)

Lots of people don't like sprouts, but that's just memories of soggy school veg.  Fry a couple of diced rashers of bacon, then grate in as many sprouts as you like.  Use a coarse grater and stop before you get to your fingers.  Stir them around together for a couple of minutes, and they're done.