Feel like a Gooseberry?

16 Jul 2012

Category: recipes

We have some lovely gooseberries from the Bevis family at Bachelor's Farm; slightly tart and bursting with flavour (the gooseberries that is!).  These can be eaten raw, gently stewed with a little sugar, or make into a creamy fool.  Stuart likes them in a pie, so here is a pie recipe.

Gooseberry Pie

900g gooseberries

100-200g caster sugar

500g sweetcrust pasty (recipe below)

1. First gently simmer the gooseberries and sugar for 10 minutes until the skins burst, but before they turn to mush.  If you don't like things too sweet, start with 100g sugar and then add more until it is as sweet as you like it.

2. Put the gooseberry mix into a 25cm pie dish, and roll across the pasty lid.

3. Wash the pastry with a beaten egg or milk to glaze, and sprinkle with a little sugar to give crunch and sparkle.

4. Cook in a preheated over at 180C for 30 minutes or until the pastry is golden.

5. Allow to cool slioghtly before serving with homemade custard, clotted cream or quality vanilla icecream.


Sweetcrust Pastry

Traditionally sweetcrust pastry is used for fruit pies and tarts.  Recipes can use caster sugar or icing sugar.

500g plain flour

100g icing sugar

250g cold butter, cut into small cubes

2 large eggs, beaten

dash milk

pinch table salt

1. Sieve the flour, salt and icing sugar into a large bowl.

2. Using your fingers, rub in the butter until a 'breadcrumb' texture is achieved.

3. Add the eggs and enough milk to pull the mix together into a dough.  Don't handle the dought too much (it makes it tough) and shape into a rough ball.

4. Wrap the dough ball in cling film and put in the fridge to rest for 30-60 minutes.

5. After the dough has rested, place on a floured board and push out into rough shap using your hands, then roll out to the desired shape.  Go for a thickness of less than half a centimetre.