Farmer Jack's Amazing 'Future Farm' Maize Maze

15 Jul 2013


Farmer Jack’s Maize Maze is back again by popular demand, and this year it is all about bringing the Maze back to the farm and exploring the possible future of farming, in the aMAZEing theme of  ‘Future Farm’.  With around 6 miles of fun paths, you can follow the clues until you get the heart of the maze where you can enjoy the views across the 8 acres of growing maize. 

The maze can be completed in about an hour, although two hours is usual, and longer if possible if you lose your way!  A great day out for all the family, its miles of amazing fun!    So go along to meet the wacky ‘Future Farm’ characters.  That’s Eli the Farmer and Inventor, Jet Pack Puppy, Hover Tractor, Milky, and not forgetting Scarecrobot. 

Games galore await you in the maze. Farmer and inventor Eli has gone a bit far with his food ideas this year.  Search inside the maze for his ‘weird and wonderful’ snack fillings to go into his lunchbox. Which one would you eat?  While you’re there, find and collect Future Farm skills and create your own farm, then answer questions to reveal the quiz answer.  Enter your Gamecard and you could be a winner!   

The Grand Opening of the fabulous Future Farm Maze is on Saturday 20July, so have fun on the bouncy castle, swing chair rides, and of course the chance to get completely lost in the Maze.  Bet you can’t find your way out!

Open daily from 20th July until the end of September from 10am to last entry at 4pm.