Cherry Ripe, Cherry Ripe - on the Radio!

2 Jul 2012

Category: seasonal specials

Cherries; are they the most beautiful fruit?  We think so.  All those shades of red from pale blush to deepest crimson, and shining as if they've been polished.  Bite into a fresh cherry and you get a bust of flavour: sweet, intense, almost purfumed.  Because the season is so short it makes them all the more special.

Listen to Stuart talking to Tom Stroud on IW Radio about the challenges of growing top quality fruit in this marvellous summer weather, and then sharing some of Tom and Judy Bevis' new season gooseberries live on air!

Isle of Wight Radio 1

Isle of Wight Radio 2

Pop into the shop and buy some Godshill cherries. They'll make you think of summer, we promise!