Bung it on the barbie!

9 Aug 2012

Category: seasonal specials

These little hints of summer give us the opportunity to dust of the barbie and get grilling.  Anyone can make a great barbecue, just use the right ingredients!

Making burgers from scratch is easy with our brilliant burger recipies, or why not put some of our award-winning sausages on the grill?  We've got burgers, kebabs and more all ready to go on the butchery counter.  Marinaded boned leg of lamb, pork chops of steaks are all great for carnivores.

Fancy something vegetarian?  Try char grilled sweetcorn - delicious!  Brush slices of aubergine and courgette with olive oil and put on a cooler area of the grill.  Baby new potatoes grill well too - or wrap in tin foil and put them in the embers.