Break out the Barbie and make the most of Summer

11 Aug 2013

Category: Recipes

With Summer in full swing, it's time to eat 'al fresco'.  Whether it's a a BBQ for a party, a family get together, or just the two of you.. what better way to enjoy the sun.  Anyone can make a great barbeque, you just need the right ingredients!

Why not enjoy our succulent range of BBQ ideas.  Our fabulous selection of home made burgers are just the ticket and try out our range of award winning sausages too, as well as kebabs galore.  Marinaded boned leg of lamb, pork chops or steaks are all great crowd pleasers too.

What about something vegetarian.  Chargrilled sweetcorn with chilli and lime butter.... Yum!  Cous cous stuffed pepppers,  tomatoes stuff with flavoured rice and blue cheese mushrooms....... who can resist?  Baby new potatoes wrapped in foil with minted butter taste divine.  Place chopped courgettes, onion, peppers and baby tomatoes in a foil parcel, drizzle with olive oil and top with a couple lemon wedges and voila!!

Enjoy the food, the warmth and the company.  No wonder we all love a Great British Barbeque!