Baked Butternut

28 Sep 2011

Category: recipes

Squashes are versatile vegetables, and as well as making soups and adding to stews, they can be a simple tasty supper dish too.  This recipe is very easy, and can be added-to, or pared-down, to take in what you have to hand.  Butternut works best for this dish, but any squash or pumpkin will be just as tasty.


Baked Squash

Preparation Time:  15 minutes   Cooking Time: 45 minutes   Serves: 4 as a main dish


1 squash, peeled, seeds discarded and the flesh chopped into 1 inch wedges or chunks

1 red onion, cut into wedges (optional)

2 smoked garlic cloves, chopped very finely

kernels from 1 sweetcorn cob (optional)

fresh rosemary and thyme

1 large glass of white wine

1 small tub of double cream, or creme fraiche

handful of shaved parmesan cheese

toasted breadcrumbs (optional)

knob of butter


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C
  2. Arrenge the squash and additional vegetables (not the garlic) in an ovenproof serving dish
  3. Pour over the wine and add the herbs
  4. Put in the oven for about 30 minutes, or until the squash is nearly cooked
  5. In a small pan, melt the butter and very gently soften the garlic - don't allow it to burn
  6. Add the cream to the butter and let it heat through, but not boil
  7. Take the squash out of the oven, pour over the cream and stir through.  Sprinkle over the breadcrumbs
  8. Put back into the oven for 15 minutes, then sprinkle the cheese over the top and serve with crusty bread.
  9. This also makes a great side dish, especially with roast chicken or turkey - one to remember for Christmas Day!