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Cherry Clafouis

31 Jul 2012

Category: recipes

Clafoutis is a traditional French dessert, and is delicious made with a variety of summer fruits.  This recipe uses our very own Godshill cherries.
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Feel like a Gooseberry?

16 Jul 2012

Category: recipes

We have some lovely gooseberries from the Bevis family at Bachelor's Farm; slightly tart and bursting with flavour (the gooseberries that is!).  These can be eaten raw, gently stewed with a little sugar, or make into a creamy fool.  Stuart likes them in a pie, so here is a pie recipe.
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Cherry Ripe, Cherry Ripe - on the Radio!

2 Jul 2012

Category: seasonal specials

Cherries; are they the most beautiful fruit?  We think so.  All those shades of red from pale blush to deepest crimson, and shining as if they've been polished.  Bite into a fresh cherry and you get a bust of flavour: sweet, intense, almost purfumed.  Because the season is so short it makes them all the more special.
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