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Shin of Beef Stew

18 Feb 2012

Category: recipes

Beef stew is simple and cheap to make.  You can make it as fancy or as simple as your taste dictates.  This recipe uses shin of beef (a cheap, traditional cut) and a good dark bitter beer or stout.
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Hearty Chicken(ish) Soup

11 Feb 2012

Category: recipes

This warming and hearty chicken soup can be made with almost any vegetables you have in the cupboard, and with no chicken if you don't have it!  As long as you have a good chicken stock and preferably a pressure cooker, you're set!
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Spicy Things

4 Feb 2012

Category: seasonal specials

If you want to add some pzazz, wow and zing to your cookery, then try some of our spicy, tasty things.  We promise that our dressings, condiments and spice kits will add that 'certain something' and bring your mojo back.
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