60kg pumpkin beats the farmer!

30 Oct 2011

Category: events

Twelve year old Tom Randall beat the farmer (and everyone else) with a 60kg pumpkin at Saturday's weigh-in.  It was a clean sweep for the family, as Dad Adam Groves had the second-heaviest at 55kg and little sister Sophie scooped third at 53kg.

Around 60 people came along to watch the giant pumpkins being weighed (using a high lift tractor, one ton sack and a spring scales).  Tom's secret was lots of water and horse muck - it pays to keep feeding pumpkins when the fruits start to swell.  Farmer Stuart Pierce said that his effort (43kg) didn't get any bigger becuase it started to grow just when the cherry harvest got underway.  

It wasn't all about heavy pumpkins, as Cory Kennedy (aged 2) helped by Elisha Day and Kerry Greenwood, won the prettiest pumpkin (it had the biggest eyelashes), with the most elaborate pumpkin being won by Kohana with a wolf howling at the moon.  Richard Wright got a special prize for his tipsy pumpkin man.

Well done to everyone who brought their pumpkins to Farmer Jack's, and enjoy eating all that pumpkin!