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Wight Locations is a self catering holiday lettings company based on the island in Seaview with over 130 properties on the Island.  Our experienced team have visited all the properties and so are able to advise and find the best match suitable for our guests' requirements.  Check out our website for full property information, pictures, map locations and guests comments or call our friendly team for a brochure, advice or to make the booking for you.  The website Blog also is updated regularly with information and events that our guests may find useful and interesting about the Island.


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Shop with us an earn points to spend with a range of ethical retailers.

Isle of Wight Cheese

Check out our friendly local cheese maker!

River Cottage

Lots of foodie info from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, and you can buy some of his excellent cookery books!

British Asparagus

All you could ever want to know about this succulent seasonal spear!


Wight Link

Toing and froing across the Solent!

Borough Market

The most renowned food market in London with an astounding range of British and international produce. We really recommend you pay it a visit!


National Farmers Retail and markets Association – Promoting local food, representing and supporting Farmers growers and producers.


South East England Development Agency – Generously supported Farmer Jacks New Farm Shop!

Eat Seasonably

Lots of info about growing and eating what is in season.

Arreton Old Village

The home of Farmer Jack’s!

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Will Steward
Grower - Apse Heath - Isle of Wight

The Steward family have been growing at Apse Heath since 1922, a total of 88 years. Having studied and worked as an engineer for over 10 years Will now feels its time to head back to his agricultural roots.

Although currently still working as a full time engineer Will manages to find the time to tend to his cucumbers. His aim is to move back into full time vegetable production, gradually increasing the acreage of the family farm he puts over and expanding the range of produce he grows to include both summer and winter vegetables. “It's a real privilege now to be taking my turn so that we can be fully productive for our 100 year anniversary in 12 years time.” 

Will’s cucumbers are in season from July until the first frosts fall at the beginning of autumn. They have what he describes as a “delicate slightly sweet taste with a texture similar to that of a melon and very refreshing”.