National Sandwich Week 12-18 May

5 September 2013


Spice up those sarnies as it's National Sandwich Week 12-18 May.  So, what about swapping your 'white sliced and cheddar' for a hunk of wholesome Artisan Island Bakers Bread with Isle of Wight Blue Cheese, rocket and rhubarb chutney. Or how about a delicious diced chicken, salad and mango relish sandwich.  Beef with beetroot and ginger chutney is super tasty or why not try goats cheese, herb salad and sweet cucumber chutney open sarnie.  You will have to try this one... 'veggie heaven' : houmus, grated carrot, sliced cucumber, tomato, mushroom, and beetroot, lettuce, and onion marmalade.  

Go on, give them a try!  Or better still, invent your own ultimate sandwich.